Are you ready to be seen as a thought leader, to automate your videos, reach the masses, and make a lasting impact with your content?
Because you’re here right now, I believe you’re saying, “Yes!”. You’re a successful entrepreneur that has your sights set on becoming a mainstream influencer or even thought leader in your space and to allow Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to work all hours of the day and night for you, bringing in warm traffic, leads, increasing your email list and filling your funnels.

You likely have active funnels and lead magnets in place, a steady revenue stream and loyal followers, but you feel something is missing. Something deep inside of you speaks to the need to share your message, service, or product to the masses. To change lives on a scale you’ve not yet achieved and see revenue increases that meet and exceed your yearly goals.
And that’s exactly why we’ve created the VIP Video Code Done For You Program.
Is it about ROI? Yes. Is it about creating more followers and raving fans? Of course. But more importantly, it’s about changing lives. Your business is impact driven and profit focused. Supporting you in that, is what we do - all while you’re able to focus on what you do best, casting your vision and building your business.
There was a completely hands-off approach that pulled out your message in a unique-to-you way, filmed six months of content in just 3 days, automated your videos to drive warm traffic to your funnels 24/7 and guided you through a process of discovery, creation, and implementation - all done for you the right way?
Yes? That’s perfect because I’ve developed a methodology that provides all those benefits and so much more! It’s called the VIP Video Code. This is an intimate experience that we pride ourselves on and aren’t looking to jam pack our programs with just anyone. When you qualify for the program we’ll pull your messaging out, film six months of content over three days and strategically share your message to the masses.
You need this program because...
Your business is real-life serious.

You're in a position to change lives for people...

... and skipping a strategy, taking the hard road, or using the wrong strategy can end up costing you and the people you were meant to help. 

Look, the truth is, if you sit and agonize over vanity metrics - this program is not for you. Likewise, if your company is not set up to scale rapidly, you don’t have funnels in place or products/systems ready to meet demand - get those in place, then contact us - but right now may not be the right time for your business.

However, if you are ready to scale rapidly, make an impact, automate your video and have a team of over 6 professionals - that you never have to manage - working with you, we should talk.
We do the job of 6 expert, top-of-field professionals while you sit back and approve the process,
Reaping The Benefits Of This Powerful Program!
See the Results of our Team's Work...
Videos Our Team Has Created
Cristy Code Red
Stephen Larsen
Carson Tate
Alex Charfen
Rachel Pederson
AMZ Insiders
If your business has a regular revenue stream, engaged followers and is ready to scale rapidly - you have lead magnets and funnels in place, and an audience that you want to provide more content for, then you’re on the brink of massive growth, and our services will rapidly gain you that coveted THOUGHT LEADER STATUS and INCREASED ROI.

If that’s you - you’re ready to make a lasting and dynamic impact while hitting your revenue targets, but you need the services, systems and strategy done for you, we invite you to read on!
Complete Done-For-You Package
We walk you through unique focus exercises so you can discover your own veracity that we use to form your message and movement.
We develop all the video ideas and scripts for you. You’ll never have to rack your brain trying to think of what to post that’s going to make the most impact.
Purpose & Product
We then come to you three to five days every six months for filming and batch film six months of content.
Artistic creation
We create video with your personalized VIP marketing strategy in mind.
Professional editing
All of your content is given your branding and edited for maximum impact. 
Content repurposing
We multiply the impact of your content by repurposing each video into multiple pieces of content: YouTube videos, mini videos, teasers, text based posts, instagram stories, and more. 
Matching written content
All written content is provided by our Sr. Script Copywriter to maintain your unique voice. You’ll never worry your content isn’t making an impact when it comes to your unique brand voice.
Strategy and branding
We create the entire strategy for your content, brand it with your own individual branding, include SEO, lead magnet links, and connections across platforms - all you do is collaborate and approve.
Consistent metrics to know exactly how your videos are performing, and consultations with your dedicated client manager to ensure success!
Your content is designed and created with the ability to reach and warm up your audience in a massive way. The value provided in your video content incorporates your own special brand of thought leadership that keeps your audience hooked and leads them towards your offers, products, and services. And the best part is . . .

The whole process is completely hands off for you. We take care of everything above and more. We even place lead magnets in each video to help grow your email list AND run video view Facebook ads to grow your reach and engagement, increase your warm audience rapidly and inexpensively, and lower the cost of conversion and traffic ads later on in your campaigns.
What Our Client's Have to Say?
Cristy Code Red!
Marley just put me immediately at ease even with our very first meeting! She just knows what I really need in dominating Youtube and Social Media!

Marley was able to come up with this masterpiece, this whole plan that's going to last close to a year to get the Code Red message out there. She came out with this big plan and she did it with little or no involvement from me.
Stephen Larsen
What Marley has done, makes me look like a Rockstar. We went from 6000 minutes watched a week to now we're at like, 60,000. She literally 10x-ed my stuff on youtube which has actually affected and bled over into these other platforms and made it crazy shareable.

She literally is one of the forefronts for the reason why new members are being introduced to my content now. That's a huge deal.
Brad & Ryan - CashFlow Tactics
From the very first video, Marley and Wayne did an amazing job of pulling out who we are and the feeling behind our message and was able to put that into the branding and the videos. These guys brought all of the expertise, including the scripts and hours and hours and hours of research to the table So as soon as they showed up, we could push the record button record button and get going. So if you want to eliminate the guesswork and get straight to adding value to your audiences, then I can't recommend anyone better than Wayne and Marley.
Rachel Pedersen
"Marley and her team filmed my 6 months of content in just two days! They did all of the research, the planning, the posting, the strategy behind it, the launch and implementation. It has been amazing to see how Marley and her team honestly took ownership of my video content. Within just a couple of weeks of Marley sharing my video content, I actually had people saying, "I see you everywhere. I saw your videos. I see the level of excellence that you put into everything. I want to talk to you about your services for social media". It was absolutely amazing to me that I could see that ROI coming through very, very quickly, but I want to say that Marley and her team are so professional. 
They have an eye for the emotion, the exact strategy that you need when it comes to video, and that's why Marley and her team are the only ones that I rely on when I have a vision of this video that I need to get out there, but I can't quite verbalize exactly what it is. That's where they come in and they almost like intuitively sense exactly what I need and so I can say without a doubt, Marley is going to be the person that you want to go to for your video content.
Alex Charfen
If you're not doing business with Jaxx Productions and you're on YouTube, you're probably not getting everything that you can. Marley is a game changer, I'm proud to have her as a client and I'm even more proud to be one of her clients because she's changing the world on YouTube.
In just the last couple of weeks, our youtube channel has grown like two to three hundred percent!
James P Friel 
These guys spent like the last four days with me and we shot over 30 different videos that were all scripted and ready to go that have all the hooks and angles and everything that we need to really connect with my audience. The coolest part is I don't have to do anything for like the next six months! Thank you Wayne and Marley so much for helping make my life so much easier and helping me reach my audience.
If you feel you’re a good fit we invite you to apply and book a call!

A member of our dream team will contact you to confirm your appointment shortly.
If this sounds like you:
  •  You have a message that needs to be shared with the world. 
  •  You have a successful business that’s ready for rapid growth.
  •  You want to use video marketing to warm up your audience, drive traffic and increase your ROI. 
  •  You are serious about becoming a thought leader and ready for the status and impact that entails
  • ​ You want to do things the 'right way'... the first time, without all the headache of making mistakes, wasting time, and pushing away your audience...
Let's talk!

  • ​4 YouTube videos to go out once a week each month.
  • ​The entire strategy prepared and created by us. We do the research and planning to create your entire video strategy for 6+ months and create videos with powerful titles, headlines, and scripting.
  • ​Cutting those videos into 4-6 Facebook and 4-6 Instagram videos each, as well as Instagram Stories and an IGTV version. 
  • ​A teaser video of each YouTube video for Facebook and Instagram.
  • ​All your thumbnails – strategically designed for high click-through rates.
  •  YouTube Video SEO and Optimization to create massive organic views.
  •  Channel Optimization. 
  •  YouTube Channel Growth Optimization.
  • ​Uploading to YouTube.
  •  End card design.
  • ​All cards, annotations, etc. set up on the video.
  • ​Social media copy for each video.
  •  Posting your Facebook and Instagram videos.
  •  Setting up those videos as ads to warm traffic, then cold traffic with the video views objective to build your Facebook Remarketing audiences.
  • ​Batch film for you with both a Videographer and Creative Director on site. Video shoots typically occur every 6 months to film all of your content and are 3-5 days long.
  •  All long-form video content repurposed for IGTV in vertical format
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